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Blossoms of Merit / Bamboo Installation Art




The flexible bamboo material weaves a flower full of vitality, blossoming into a grand landscape. The field of bamboo flowers and the magnificent hall reflect each other, and the lot of flowers is budding toward sentient beings, interweaving the joyful beauty of the blossoming heart.

This work is installed next to the main hall, "offering the Buddha with flowers," using the technique of circular knitting, stacking the round openings of the calyx at the same angle, and presenting the petals in the shape of a multi-pointed star. The bamboo material's rustic color contrasts with the orange-red stamens, and the woven flowers ignite the passion of life, infecting the grass and trees with the vitality of Buddha. The viewer can feel the blossom of their heart and the bliss of the wisdom.

Client :

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