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Firework / Bamboo Installation Art



It is quite common to hear the firecracker sound and see the firework in Taiwanese folk culture, including festivals, ceremonies, weddings, funerals and others. Sound and light of fireworks are said to pursue good fortune, avoid disaster, respect gods, and also bring luck.


The artist weaves the bamboo strips into numerous umbrella-shaped structures in both 2D and 3D as the firework. The x, y, and z axis of the artwork seem to be independent; however, the bamboo strips closely woven as one. While the weather changes, it also makes the cracking sound for the expanding and shrinking caused by temperature.


The bloom of the bamboo stripes are the round shape and the structure of the installation is a cube, which means connections and relationship between human and nature. With the shape and cracking sound of the firework, the artwork brings us back to the most familiar festival scene.  

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