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New Balance的步履

New Balance Footprint / Bamboo Installation Art

一支一支竹蜻蜓迴旋高飛,劃過時代飛梭New Balance的步履軌跡。


藝術家林靖格以竹子的堅韌彈性乘載超越時空的創造性和技藝文化,串疊飛揚的竹蜻蜓,將童年玩具承載趣味新意,任隨壓克力桿錯落光影展露變化,藉由竹翼交錯透明桿,多重角度創造截然不同的視覺形象,正面直擊NB Logo,光線流轉空間,飛揚品牌百年製鞋的極致追求不忘初心;側身打造NB鞋影,複寫的量體空間現身經典鞋款990,在童趣中引領行走世代的每個瞬間,交錯的職人技藝與當代創新潮流,看見不同樣貌的New Balance,在經典中邁進新時代的步履。

Bamboo copters soars, creating an iconic trace of New Balance footprint.

Inspired by the bamboo copter, the work starts with the pursuit of self and bravery, enumerating the iconic shoes. The line connects the brand’s heritage and warmth of the artisan, collecting the design aesthetics that are bold to challenge and quench the classics of the times.

Artist Ching-ke Lin employs the resilience and elasticity of bamboo to embrace a culture of creativity and technique that transcends time and space. He stacks bamboo copters, adding a playful twist to a childhood toy. The staggering of the acrylic rods changes the pattern of the light and shadows. By interlocking the bamboo wings with transparent sticks, multiple angles create a different visual image. The NB logo is presented on the front, with the light flowing through the space to showcase the brand's centuries-old pursuit of excellence in shoe making. The NB shoe silhouette is presented on the side, with a replica of the iconic NB 990, leading every moment of the walking in a childlike manner. The interplay of craftsmanship and contemporary innovation gives us a glimpse of New Balance in a different light, which moves into a new era of classics.

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