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Refraction Chopstick Stand / Craft Design

此作品是 2018 年參與日本富山縣綜合設計中心與台創中心聯合舉辦之 「台灣設計・日本精造」計畫時,為「越中富山 工藝分贈」品牌所發想的系列筷架之一,在日本著色職人的純熟技術下,以斜面位移移的物理現象——「折射」為題,成為設計與應用的特色。



Refraction is the bending of light when it passes from one material to another.


This chopstick stand was developed for the brand “Etchū- Toyama Osusowake” in the “Designed in Taiwan‧Made in Japan” Project co-organized by the Toyama Prefectural Design Centre and Taiwan Design Research Institute in 2017. With the Japanese coloring techniques, the physical phenomenon “refraction” served as the characteristic of the design.


The designer is a drink-lover, inspired by his daily observation. The chopstick stand has a twist in its shape, allowing it to hold two pieces of cutlery. The hand-coloring on the bronze material makes each pieces a unique mark that cannot be replicated. Such a simple design adds an interesting quality to the landscape of the dining table.

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