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The Thank You Bouquet / Bamboo Installation Art



藝術家林靖格呼應全聯基金會「2021 謝謝感恩節」公益嘉年華之核心精神,以編織工藝將竹材堅韌、耐久的特性轉化為溫暖、柔美的花型,一朵朵、一株株竹編的花苞和花朵,是在手中傳遞敬謝與感恩的謝籃,也是喚起眾人在動盪的大環境中謙卑垂首並獻上讚美的大型風景。


在 180 株安佇於大安森林公園廣場的大型花陣中,仰望、穿梭,讓身心遊走在間隙裡的堅韌與柔軟,但願我們在動盪的大環境裡能不忘自身與天地萬有相連相伴的生命力和創造本能,以既是垂首也是綻放的姿態,感謝疫情期間不懈付出、默默綻放的醫、護、警、消,以及每一個獨有又同為整體的你和我。   

A flower is the ultimate state in which a plant draws the energy from its environment and blooms at the right timing and extending its vitality in a form of beauty.


Artist Ching ke Lin responses to the core idea of PX Mart’s “2021 We Together” charity festival, turning the strong and durable bamboo into warm and soft blossoms with his weaving technique. The bamboo-weaving buds and flowers form a bouquet of gratitude and the landscape that invites people to offer their praise in the midst of the turbulent society.

In the midst of 180 flowers in array in Daan Forest Park square, we look up, walk through and let our bodies and minds wander through the gaps, May we not forget our vitality and creative instincts in a turbulent environment. We are gratitude to doctors, nurses, police and fire brigade who contribute enormously during the pandemic and to each of us.

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