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When Mountains Meet the Ocean / Bamboo Installation Art








Have you ever played with a bamboo copter in the old days of simplicity?

What kind of fantastic view does it see when it propels through the air?

The bamboo copter seems to be equivalent to the freedom and bravery in childhood, the good old time that everyone had. As the saying, set yourself free—once you let go of your hand, you can fly like a bamboo copter.

The work is inspired by the simple structure of a bamboo copter. The artist tries to imagine that a strange space emerges between the bamboo wings and bamboo sticks when a large number of the same elements are juxtaposed. The area starts to flow, expand, spread, leaving gaps and blank space, which cleverly demonstrate the appearance of mountains and ocean, and the meeting zone in-between.

The artist wittily designs and plans the structure of each bamboo copter. The wings are connected to form waves; thus, the viewers see the mountain slopes and ocean. While the bamboo sticks are arranged neatly, creating a fantastic and transparent heterogeneous space. The repeated patterns create an impressive volume with the mountains' undulations on the upper layer and ocean waves on the lower layer. The former has a distinct and complete slope, while the latter is staggered and gentle. Therefore, the mountains and ocean demonstrate a landscape of layers and meet each other by the convergence of the bamboo copter.

Where the mountains are mountains, and the ocean is the ocean. The place where mountains meet the ocean retains the daring innocence of our childhood and endless freedom.

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