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織錦燈 Brocade Lighting / Bamboo Design


Brocade Lighting / Bamboo Design




The Brocade Lamp pays tribute to “Jacquard Brocade Satin Fabric” with a playful mixture of materials and techniques of bamboo working. 


The Brocade Lamp analogizes thin bamboo strips as the satin fabric used in brocade weaving and the bronze lamp structure as the brocade patterns. The interweaving and contrast of different materials create a three-dimensional visual effect with a dense texture and wonderful colors. 

The artist went deeply into the study of brocade weaving and repeatedly experimented with bamboo materials. He then realized that due to the nature of bamboo fibers, it was difficult to dye bamboo strips bright and shiny colors and cover the original green color of the bamboo. However, what appeared to be a reversal of a pre-determined experience yet opened up a dialogue between different materials. A work that makes use of metal structure and bamboo weaving technique is then born.  

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