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巢燈Nest  Floor Lamp / Bamboo Design


Nest  Floor Lamp / Bamboo Design




With the light through the embossed glass and through the gaps between the bamboos, which is your nest living style, warm and nostalgic or mysteriously fashionable?


The “Nest Floor Lamp” is made of finely dyed black Makinon bamboo strips and free-weaved to a nest-like porous lampshade, while the embossed glass is embedded in the bamboo structure. The slender bamboo strips are like a waterfall cascading down, giving the whole piece a bizarre and mysterious ambiance.


The greatest challenge of making this work was to keep the original wavy glass texture of the embossed glass when bending it with heat and to fit the irregular oval opening of the shade with different sizes and curvature of the glass. After the designer’s continuous experiments, the light finally comes through both the curved embossed glass and the gaps in the bamboo-weaving structure, adding richer layers to the quality of the light.

bamboo lamp
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