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Snowflakes / Craft Design 


此作品是 2017 年參與日本富山縣綜合設計中心與台創中心聯合舉辦之 「台灣設計・日本精造」計畫時,與當地百年品牌「能作」共同開發的錫器工藝商品。在五日的合作工作營中,因深度瞭解並操作當地製造銅錫的「生型鑄造法」,甫讓此作品得以實現。


A snow-white crystal is reflecting the benevolent exchange between Taiwan and Japan.


This tinware craft was developed in collaboration with Nousaku, a century-old brand in Toyama Prefecture, Japan, in the “Designed in Taiwan‧Made in Japan” Project co-organized by the Toyama Prefectural Design Centre and Taiwan Design Research Institute in 2017. During the five-day workshop, the designer learned the sand-casting method, which is mainly practiced in Japan for metalwork, and realized the work.


The concept of the Snowflake Plate comes from the snowflake crystal. The plate is divided into seven compartments which stagger in height and reflect the light, creating a shimmering effect of snow. Besides, the plate stands on seven supports, brilliantly creates a sense of floating and responding to the light quality of snowflakes.

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