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Joint Plate / Bamboo Design




A bamboo tube goes on infinitely: as on its inside, so at the outside; as above the tube, as below the tube.

This work is based on the two ends of the bamboo tube as the axes. Split the bamboo tube evenly and cut it into thin and flexible strips, which expand outwards from the tube, functioning as the warp and weft. Apply the “pine-needle weaving method” and make it into a vessel.


“Joint Plate” takes advantage of the characteristics of bamboo joints and bamboo’s hollowness, demonstrating the material’s quality: Although it’s grass, they are tree-like in appearance. The designer aims to create a space presenting both the interior and the exterior and an object which is both a hollow bamboo tube and a bamboo-woven container. Whether from its practical function or the creative thinking behind it, the user will realize the fascination of this work as it emerges from oneness and transforms into infinite possibilities.

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