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Lou Lamp / Bamboo Design




In between the light and shade, we see the convergence of modern and traditional bamboo handicrafts.


A “basket” contains the everyday life wisdom of our ancestors. In the past, people in Taiwan used to weave farming and household vessels, such as vegetable basket and fish basket, with bamboo strips which were breathable, lightweight, durable and eco-friendly. At a time when these traditional utensils come to an end, exploring the way to keep the handicraft culture flourishing thus inspires the designer to make the “Lou Lamp.”


The designer applies the structure of a bamboo tube and the bamboo weaving techniques and combines two different components of two kinds of bamboo: the hard and robust tortoise-shell bamboo is used as the tube lamp base which conceals the bulb and wires, while the softer Makino bamboo strips are woven into a lampshade, painted with lacquer. The detachable plate at the top of the lamp is both a cover and a tray, providing multiple usages for the user. Retaining the practical quality of a container, the “Lou Lamp” transforms the traditional utensil into a modern home décor accessory, bring a rich atmosphere and a sense of originality to the domestic space.

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