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雲煙 尋夢Clouds of Smoke-Dream Quest  / Bamboo Installation Art / Taiwan artist

雲煙 尋夢

Clouds of Smoke-Dream Quest  / Bamboo Installation Art / Taiwan artist





The straight and firm bamboo material can exhale smoke clouds, integrating into harmonious and graceful natural curves.

The "circular weaving" technique in traditional bamboo art is commonly used to make lanterns, in which bamboo stripes are stacked at the same angle to form a spiral-shaped round opening with a multi-pointed star look. Using this technique as the structural basis, the artist, Chingke Lin, has created a new giant installation, "Clouds of Smoke," by weaving multiple spirals in succession, creating a circular rhythm that transcends conventional practices.

Unlike bamboo art crafts which we used to focus on their structure, function, practicality, or service, "Clouds of Smoke" attempts to leave behind the constraints of traditional sculptural vocabulary. It aims to transform the common material - interwoven and permeable bamboo stripes - that has been transformed into a more formless, ethereal realm of smoke and clouds, entwining a poetic oriental vibe and guiding the viewer into an endless void.

The work presents the interaction between strength and flexibility, the stillness and movement of space, light, and shadow. "Clouds of Smoke" aspires to open up a new imagination of bamboo sculpture in the pursuit of ultimate balance and harmony -- bamboo art can transcend the conventional impression of the local and bring a poetic visual impact.

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