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風的季節The Season of the Wind / Bamboo Installation Art


The Season of the Wind / Bamboo Installation Art




Every autumn and winter, the northeast monsoon is the most faithful visitor to the Lanyang Plain. It generously provides Yilan with an abundance of water and wind. Sometimes it strokes lightly, sometimes it strikes heavily, sending its influence and force slowly or quickly along the diverse terrain of mountain villages, paddy fields, and bottomlands.

The work uses thousands of curved, intertwined, and off-axis bamboo panels to simulate the airflow path, allowing the formless and invisible northeast monsoon to condense into a texture that the human eye can capture and intimate, blending into the undulating dunes of the coast.

From different perspectives, visitors can observe the wind's angle and feel the shape of the airflow. When you enter the area through the passageway, you will feel as if you have become one of the thousands of bamboo sticks, blocking the wind, facing the wind, and surrendering to the wind. Finally, like the sandstorm, it naturally becomes the "windscape" of autumn and winter.

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