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雲煙 煥彩

Clouds of Smoke-Radiance / Bamboo Installation Art / Taiwan artist






The gentle glow of twilight emerges, gradually revealing a brilliant orange hue. Within a short period of time, it permeates the entire sky, stirring the hearts of those who witness it, filling them with warmth and brightness.

Bamboo, a material traditionally known for its toughness, undergoes a transformation akin to the enchanting rhythm of twilight. It follows a path towards beauty, filled with lively dynamics and vibrant colors, yet retaining its elegant essence, leaving ample room for imagination.

The “circular weaving” technique, commonly used in traditional bamboo art for making lanterns, , in which bamboo stripes are stacked at the same angle to form a spiral-shaped round opening with a multi-pointed star look. From the outside, it presents a multi-angular star shape. Artist Lin Jin-ke uses this as a structural foundation, connecting multiple circular weavings to create an eye-catching, unconventional circular rhythm that transcends conventional practices.

Breaking free from the constraints of traditional sculptural vocabulary, Lin Jin-ke combines the familiar material of interwoven and transparent bamboo strips with bold colors to create a bright and modern image. Each bamboo strip is individually treated with water-based dye, and the orange-hued bamboo is woven together, presenting a lively overlapping scene.

“Radiance - Clouds of Smoke” is a creation inspired by nature, as well as a boundless dance performance. It subverts the imagination of bamboo art sculpture.

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