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The Blossoming Path to Happiness / Bamboo Installation Art




Flowers often beckon travellers to linger within a city, often revealing nuanced and delicate meanings and narratives. Through the language of flowers, these stories become lyrical whispers in the urban landscape.

The bell-shaped cherry blossoms, emblematic of Taichung City, adorn the low-altitude terrains of Taiwan with joy as winter turns to spring. A single cherry tree is particularly striking, but together they create a magnificent panorama. Their brilliant peach-red hue, reminiscent of celebratory fireworks, unfolds over ten days, creating a path paved with romantic blossoms.

On this occasion, artist Lin Jing-ge shows his creativity with his favorite medium, bamboo. He weaves and sculpts the cherry blossoms through weaving, and under the tender smile of these blossoms, one can cast away melancholy, feel a heart full of light, and walk on with joy.

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