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Firecracker /  Bamboo Installation Art

呼應此次 UNIQLO 「未來更有生命力」之命題,藝術家林靖格將竹子的生命力與延展性融入展場,期盼你我用新鮮、動感的態度親近原本熟悉的每日衣裝必需品。



當人們如往常穿梭櫃位,無意間遇見散落的爆竹,綻開的竹構造雖然無聲,卻以四射的姿態為每一個生活角落祈福,盼能在疫情的重啟階段提醒彼此在每個當下都能用盡本能開展自我,珍惜並守護閃現的瞬間,同時,也為UNIQLO TAIPEI的開幕添增歡慶氣息!

In response to Uniqlo’s theme of “Energetic Future,” artist Lin Ching-ke integrates the vitality and flexibility of bamboo into the exhibition space. He expects to refresh the audience’s impression when they get in touch with Uniqlo LifeWear.

In traditional society, firecrackers not only highlight the bustle of festivals, weddings, and funerals with sound and light but also obtain a cultural significance of healing to drive away bad luck and epidemic.


The concept of “Firecracker” is to weave bamboo stripes, which radiate like fireworks into a cube. The bamboo stripes are interconnected, allowing the viewers to “hear” the bamboo material's potential to contain and develop.


As consumers walk through the aisles, they will encounter scattered firecrackers unexpectedly. Though silent, the bamboo structure is like blessings at every corner. The artist hopes everyone to develop themselves when resuming to the norm at the post-pandemic time and cherish and protect every flashing moment. Meanwhile, “Firecracker” will highlight the joyful vibe of the grand opening of UNIQLO TAIPEI.

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